Friday, February 20, 2015

Happy Chinese New Year!!

Just wanna say, Happy Chinese New Year guys!!! Wish us all a kind, playful and happy goat year :) 新年快乐, 恭喜发财,万事如意,身体健康,年年有鱼,快快乐乐 :))

I had 2 days of overeating!! XD On CNY eve, I went out for dinner with my sisters, little birdie and another friend at Botoli Restaurant in Burwood. We had CRABS yayyyy ^^ crab is exxy in oz, so we only have it at weddings and just on really rare occasions. We had them cooked 2 ways, Singaporean chili crab and XO sauce with vermicelli. They were really nice :) We also ordered steamed silver perch with ginger and shallot, salted egg deep fried prawns, and tofu combination claypot.

They were all nice, but because they were very busy, the food only started to come to our table 45 minutes after ordering. So for the first 45 minutes, we stuffed ourselves with tea -.- we had it refilled 2-3 times before we started eating lol. Finally the XO sauce crab arrived, and we all forgot our manners and started eating :P well, me at least hahahhaha...

It was a fun night. We joked around, my friends being jayus,  it was full of laughter. So yeah, it was a great night :)

Then on the new year's day, living in Sydney means no public holiday on the first day of new year boooooo... So I had no choice but to be shameless for the day and chased my manager, supervisor, and married colleagues for angpao aka hongbao aka red pockets aka 红包 XD I also did it over the phone to my married friends. So you can say I was very hardworking and put all my heart and soul into it. Unfortunately, despite all the effort, I got NONE. BOoooo again -.-

We had dinner with our cousin and auntie on the first day of new year at a Korean BBQ buffett restaurant in Campsie. Oh my, how round my tummy was after that -.- we have a children song in Indo called "Topi Saya Bundar" aka "My Hat is Round". I seriously had that song on my head as I walked home yesterday, except it sounded like this, 

"Peruttttt sayaaaaa bundarrrrr,

Bundarrrr peruttt sayaaaaa...

Kalauuu tidakkkkk bundarrr...

Bukannnnn perutttt sayaaaaa" -_-"

To non-Indo, here's the translation, "My tummy is round, round is my tummy, if it's not round, it's not my tummy." :P

For the restaurant info, it's called Se Jong. $31 a head, unlimited serving of meat, salad, japchae, mayo prawns, fried chicken, dumplings, soba, sushi, soup, desserts and so on. It really wasn't bad! The marinated meat was tasty, and the meat was constantly refilled. They really aren't stingy in providing food. The meat and seafood tasted fresh eventhough beef was a bit tough to chew.

Anyway I think this Chinese New Year is not bad at all :) Plus, we did clean up our apartment before the new year, put up some sheep decoration, lucky words paper, bought some CNY snacks, cut my hair before the new year, and even wore new pyjamas! Last time I had new pyjamas for CNY eve, I was a kid. Really brought back memories :)

The only thing missing is the red pockets XD

新年快乐!!! ^^

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