Friday, February 6, 2015

Is This Professional? :l

Some of you said to me how you guys miss my superexcited boss. Unfortunately nothing really interesting came out of him lately (i'm bored as well lol. As annoying as he can be, he is undeniably very interesting topic to talk about :P). So just to cure you a bit from missing him, here's an update :P

Yesterday, he, Little Miss Nice, poker face, creamer, and Lao Er had this meeting in the meeting room close to my desk. The meeting as usual went for AGES. And most (if not all) of the voice I heard was...can you guess? YESSSSS 100 for youuuuu, super excited's voice!!! :P and what were the words I heard? Disclaimer: if you are under 18, please do not continue and check other posts instead. The words were... BITCH! f*ck me! A Cow, and moreeee F*CK!!! -_-!

Honestly, me and the guy sitting behind me didn't hear much things other than those swearing words. Long story short, it was a meeting about deliverables which apparently were not covered in the scope (most of them are already done per his own instructions. Back then he said we could charge them later). And now he's saying that the next door department should have informed him earlier about that long list of updates so he could have talked to the client first about charges  @__@

Anyway, my point is he swore that much for like I don't know, 2 hours? And my colleagues and I outside the meeting room could hear all those words. He really should be more discreet. I don't mind him swearing or nagging between the directors as directors are human too and of course need nagging and gossiping too (though previously I thought guys don't need those. I was wrong). But really, 1. they shouldn't use swearing words in front of their employees. It's unprofessional. The other directors should talk to him about this, but well you all know from my stories how he is. And 2, especially when they are talking about the client. What if some of us have someone who has someone related to that particular client and somehow using the speed of gossip, it comes to their ears that the boss of xxx company says she/he is a COW, what happens then?

Surely it would make an even more interesting story *smirk*

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