Friday, February 13, 2015

The Speed of Gossip

We bought our first home :) yayyyy! After so many weeks of tears and sweat, headache and footache, fights and arguments, we bought our first home.

My broker and solicitor are so not proactive and a lot of time only answer my questions with yes and no (and if I'm on my unlucky days, they just decide to ignore me). So in summary, quite useless. My solicitor is just plain straight useless. My broker is nice, but she's not one to update you with all the progress all the time. You yourself have to ask for updates. You might think I'm just the anxious one, and that is true, I am the anxious one. However, what would you think of this scenario: I gave her a call on Sat to tell her we found the house, and sent her the contract to pass to solicitor. On Sat night, I had doubts, so told her to hold it. Sunday night I texted her saying to go ahead and send it to the solicitor. Monday afternoon, a solicitor called me telling me the points I need to discuss with the vendor, and told me that since my broker is already on holiday overseas, so I had to talk to the solicitor instead. WHAT??? I think you get the picture.

So, with that, and that this is our first property, I turned to my homeowners friends for advice. 1 of them is my friend's sister-in-law. One day, I asked her a lot of questions. Then that day lunchtime, I put an offer for the house. Short time after, it was accepted and I had to go and sign the contract. Before I left the office, I sent her an email, just to tell her my offer had been accepted. I thought, I've been bugging her all this time with Soooo many questions. The decent thing is to tell her myself instead of from other people. Afterall, we've just been talking hours before, right?

Then that night, at 9 PM, her sister-in-law, which is my friend, whatsapp me and asked, "Purple Lady, I heard you already bought a house?". I was laughing XD I was about to tell her, but she beat me to it :P I said "Yeah, who told you? Your brother?". She said, "No, my mum asked me." LOL to the max XD

So apparently, her sister-in-law told her husband about it after I told her. Then that late afternoon, he made his daily call to his mum in Jakarta and mentioned it to her. Then a few hours later, my friend (his sister) called her mum, and her mum asked her if this is true. ROTFL

That, is the speed of gossip my friend XD I knew it was gonna be fast, however I didn't think it would travel overseas to Jakarta, and back to Sydney again within 6 hours! XD I imagined simpler scenario ie. The wife told her husband, and the husband told the sister :P

Anyway, my friend was scolded by his brother because she asked me directly, so making him ember a.k.a gossiper. And his brother was scolded by his wife for talking to much or in short, again, ember :P

As for me, I'm happy to get a funny story and experience the speed of gossip myself :P It reminds me of when Amy and Sheldon tried to proof how fast news travels in The Big Bang Theory XP

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