Thursday, March 5, 2015

Good Bye Old Manager

I forgot to save what I wrote last week, so here I am typing it again T__T

Last week my old manager quitted. He started working for this company around 15 years ago, setting up the first company website. He became IT manager for so many years, even when he moved to Far Far Away he was still the manager, watching over IT department while working from home. He came to office only once in a while. But still, he was the one who interviewed me and took me into this company. Few years ago, he stepped down and became supervisor instead. At some of the points, he even became a contractor. But still, he was always an important part of the company.

He then quitted last week. He's been wanting to quit a long time back. But knowing you know who, it is indeed damn hard to quit. Especially when you are considered important in here. If you aren't and if you aren't well liked, then it is easier.

Then, on his last day before he left, he came to me and James Bond, saying, "This is it. Good bye guys. Thank you for everything." 3 of us talked for a while, Little Missy joined us too. Then, my ex-manager left.

James Bond then said, "That's it?? After all those years, that's it? No present, no directors, no nothing!".

Yes, that was it. I forgot myself that it was his last day. Nobody arranged for gift collection. No farewell card. Directors and manager are in a meeting. Even no big speech from superexcited. It was sad really :l Though I did find out that Lao Er and my manager took him for lunch that day, but still.

Then Little Missy, James Bond and me typed a thank you and farewell message for him in our employee nomination system. He would still be working from home the next day, so he could still read it. When we typed it up, at the back of my mind I was thinking that there was possibility that superexcited would skip it, or make a big speech about old manager not exactly leaving, but will be back as a contractor blah blah blah... I texted Little Miss Nice that night about it to get her prepared.

The next day, it was read out. I was a little bit surprised, not too much though. Then after it was read out, superexcited started talking about how old manager was not really leaving, he wants to work closer from home, and it's good that he finds it, and that the opportunity for him to come back as a contractor is not closed for him and he can come back to us in the future. Ha! What did I say before?

There isn't any clear talk about him working as contractor. It's just a possibility. But nothing like he works for us 1 or 2 day a week like how it was with Slitherin. It's just "maybe you can do contractor work for us in the future". And that's considered NOT leaving? Doesn't that mean everyone who leaves doesn't really leave then? They can always come back in the future right? 

He really is special. Even with Slitherin, superexcited fought to have him 2-3 days a week while Slitherin wanted 1 day or even none. And when it started, Slitherin was only asked to come once a week for the first 2 or 3 weeks. After that? Nada.

So yeah, my old manager is gone now. Gone the guy who rarely talked to me but always jokingly said "Purple Lady, what have you done??" or "This is Purple Lady's fault!" when any problem occurs. I will definitely think of him every time I see or have a blueberry cheesecake, his favourite.

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