Friday, March 20, 2015

They haven't done their quizzes!!!

Not sure if I have mentioned this before, but we always have to do quiz after attending training. So, yesterday morning when I was in the kitchen, I bumped into super excited. He then said to me, "Purple Lady, when I checked the quiz, I couldn't find yours". The truth is, I haven't done it hehe XP I then replied, "Oh, I haven't done it yet. I will try to do it today, but I have other things to do though".

Actually, the whole IT dept except James Bond haven't done it yet :P the reason being is simply we have been busy. Plus the quiz is hard. For IT people, that is hard. Another reason is, Water Tap said to me not to do it, and of course I happily said OKAY :P which I passed on to Little Missy too XP but really, the main reasons are just simply busy so we forgot.

After he met me in the kitchen, he went to Lao Er's office and started yapping. I wasn't listening, however I could hear some "she"s. Not long after, an email was sent to us from Lao Er asking us to spend an hour to do the quiz. You might think an hour to do a quiz is too long. Eitttt one hour is actually too little! On average I spend 2 hours to do those little quizzes. Even the other department, whose quizzes really are meant for, spend 2 hour-ish to finish it. How long do you think IT needs? Plus, we can't leave any questions blank. And, if we got bad marks, we might have to sit for another training.

Yesterday I was soooo busy. So many errors to fix, new developments to do, and to top it off 007 was off, so I had to do Mr Bond's day to day tasks. And of course out of all days, that normal daily task decided to have tantrum yesterday. Great, just great.

So with all those, add a quiz to do it. And that's top priority -_- talking about prioritizing. Even Lao Er came out of his office and spoke to me and the others to spend half to an hour to do the quiz. He said, "I know you guys are busy. I just want to avoid some drama." AND, Water Tap's mate sent an invitation for training recap to help us do the quiz 0_0 See how serious it was?

I didn't plan to attend it, so I tried to do my quiz before that recap. However I kept getting urgent things I needed to look at, so by the time the recap supposed to take place, I still wasn't finished.

Water Tap's mate came to me at the time the recap supposed to happen. He asked if I was going to attend, to which I replied annoyed, "Even if I was planning to, now o can't." He then restlessly stood there, seemed not willing to leave, and then said "I just want to make sure you get what we want you to get out of the meeting. The key points are intrinsic and extrinsic motivation bla bla bla....". I said, "I understood the training and I got all of it with extrinsic, intrinsic etc. However, the way the questions are worded, I don't even get what the questions ask for". He agrees with me, saying "Between you and me, I think the questions are confusing". Then, he went on and explained to me what EACH question asks for, and gave me POINTERS on what to look for in the slides!!! Such as, "for this question, find the slide that has 'sustainable environment' in it". WOW! Honestly, water Tap's mate normally is a jerk. He has that characteristic to waste your time with his long and winding explanations and likes to explain a sentence with a paragraph and likes to keep talking when other people is trying to say something. In addition, I just had a heated argument with him the previous day. Now he's helping me with MY quiz? WOW

After he finished, I said "Thanks for that. But, why are you doing this? Helping me with the quiz. You don't usually do this". Apparently, you know who had a big speech to them about IT not doing the quiz. Everyone knows IT is busy, therefore doesnt have time especially today to do it. Plus, we complained the quiz was so dank hard. So, without super excited knowing, they set up that recap training to help us finish the quiz! I didn't know that! Even the timing was super excited's lunch hour, so he wouldn't know! Another WOW!

So I did it, and also the whole of IT dept. Just to avoid another drama. We did put a note though that quiz was too hard for us.

Update: you know what, I got full mark for that quiz lol! So much to point out that the questions were hard and confusing! XD

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