Sunday, September 26, 2010


I always try to get mX lately just to read the Overheard section. Some of them are really funny. I thought I'd post some of them here, saving me clipping them up :)

Guy 1: "Hey man, what was that strawberry thing we had before?"
Guy 2: "Strawberries."

Guy on phone: "Kenneth Rd. That's K, for Kenneth."

Guy 1: "Can you help me look for my phone?"
Guy 2: "Sure. Where is it?"

Girl: "Hey, what's that thing on your head?"
Guy: "It's a birthmark."
Girl: "Oh, right. So, when did you get it?"

Boyfriend: "Just tuen your phone off so people can't call you when you're sleeping. I'll be your alarm instead. I'll call you."

Girl: "Airports are, like, another country. You know, like Tasmania!"

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