Saturday, July 1, 2017

Superexcited Didn't Want to Lose

Helloooo everybodyyyyy (though from my knowledge there is only 1 person who reads this blog xD). Long time no see! Yeah, I haven't got anything interesting lately at work with superexcited *touch wood*. Even though, I'm kinda glad there is nothing interesting happening, that means life at work is peaceful. Last year in the office was such a drama, I was always anxious and even now, if I see the higher up people go into Lao-er's office, I feel some weight on my chest, worry abour what's happening this time. So touch wood all is good from now on.

Even though, he did make a scene about a week ago :l we were in our usual long meeting (those meetings... *sigh* if you calculate, they actually costs 40hours work/pay per meeting! But you-know-who likes to have them, to have people sit and just listen to him, so yeah... Last week's one probably cost more like 50 hours), Taylor Swift was doing a presentation about how our participants day to day at work is like, how their staff perform their work every day. So, keep in mind that it's about how our participants work.

Then we came across a screen where it showed a snippet of our website reporting page for that client. There was a table with 2 columns. 1 column was titled KPIs, the other was target. You-know-who then interrupted Taylor Swift who was in the middle of her presentation and said, "That table, why is it called KPIs and not Key Performance Indicators? There is enough space in there for it". Everybody was 😢😢😢

He then continued, "Also, this table is not consistent. The first column is left aligned while the second one is center aligned".

😢😢😢 really? You want to ask that question in the middle of How Participants Perform Their Work Everyday Presentation?

Prick answered him, saying that this is just a snippet of the whole table. That there are more columns on the right hand side and they are all center aligned because of blah blah blah, and they do look alright.

Of course superexcited didn't accept it and continued saying that it wasn't professional, it looked amateurish, blah blah blah.

Since it was my site, I then responded to him. I said, "I get what you mean superexcited, however, it is not the whole table. There are 3 months results and also how they are performing quarterly on the right side. The first column being left aligned while the rest are centered actually works, and clearly differentiates which one is target and which ones are results".

Don't know why, the second I finished my sentences, I knew that whatever people say, superexcited won't accept.

I was right. He looked pissed off and said, "So tell me, all you people who work on this website. Is there anything AT ALL that you guys can add value to this table??? "


He's clearly annoyed that no one supported him 😐

In my mind I said, "Of course. But not that" πŸ˜†

Prick then said, "Yeah yeah, definitely".

Superexcited: "OK, moving on!"

Err.... You were then one who didn't want to let it go πŸ˜’

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