Monday, September 8, 2014

What A Hell of Two Days!!

Honestly, I feel like I have experienced a LOT of things these past 2 days. Let's start with yesterday, Sunday 7 Sep 2014, shall we?

Yesterday was the day before the Moon Cake Festival, and my friends, my sisters and I rented a car and went to Cabramatta for the Moon Cake Festival. Firstly, few days before that, there was a drama too between our group about our plan for yesterday, but let's not go there. Long story short, just say it wasn't that smooth just to get to yesterday. Anyway, it was DAMN crowded in Cabramatta. Lucky we started early, so it was still okay when we got there.

Once we got there and looking at the stalls, suddenly my friends started queuing in front of some random stall. I then asked them, "What are you guys queuing for???" They said, "Don't know. But the queue is long! Must be great stuff!!". Honestly, Wah Banana's video on "Signs That You Are A Singaporean" flashed back on me lol I really felt like I was a Singaporean, as I started queuing too without knowing what it was for.

When we got closer to the front of the line, we realised that it was a queue for a lucky draw. You pay $2, and then take a folded paper inside a plastic barrel for your prize. The prize were either a bottle of water, a pack of rice (probably 1 kg), or a box of mooncakes. My friends were first, and they got bottles of water. Then my turn came, and I took one of the folded paper and gave it to the stall girl. She opened it, her eyes WIDENED, and she excitedly showed me the writing on the paper (which I had no clue about as my Chinese really is at kindergarten level). She then said, "You've got the Mooncake!!!!!". Honestly, what went through my mind was "Is it 1 mooncake or 1 box of mooncakes?" LOL A greedy girl, aren't I? XD

They gave me a box of mooncakes and then asked me if I mind if they took my photo and it would be published on tomorrow's paper (which is today, and I've been checking if my photo is on their website =P but I couldn't find any *sob* I would check on the paper in library tomorrow). How lucky hohohoho ^^ The unlucky part was, my friend's mobile phone froze when he tried to take photo of me with the prize, and after it was fixed, he took a photo of the prize WITHOUT ME -_-" I ended up getting him to take photo of ME with the prize later on at my friend's place, but it's not the same!!! >>>____<<< I want the stall's background hix..... T___T

Then afterwards, everything was normal. We went eating, shopping, had DIY rice paper rolls, oh, we also got to see Adrian Nakadoo performing at the mooncake festival which is pretty cool! He sounded exactly like in XFactor! So I guess all of them must be really good then. After all those, we visited our friends who just had a new baby girl. Though after I think about it again, something funny did happen there.... My friend, let's name him Sunny, bought some nappy sealer machine as a gift for the new baby. He likes those gadgets kind of thing. He did say that this machine only includes 6 bags, and the bags cassettes cost like $40 for 3 or 6, I can't remember, anyway exxy. When he showed it to his flatmate earlier, she said to him "When I give birth, don't give me this, alright?" LOL So he said well at least she gets to play with it. When my friend (the one who just gave birth) received it, she opened it straight away and had a look. And then she said, "I think I picked the cassettes the other day!!" (This friend of mine is just like me, cheapskates and likes to pick things up from the recycle room lol... As a matter of fact, I actually learned this from her hahaha....). She then went and took the cassettes she found, and they look similar!! She didn't try them on, but they really look similar. So she actually picked the cassettes before she got the machine XD What a talent lol

Then, another not so strange thing was, remember the mooncakes I won? My bestie wanted to buy some mooncakes in the festival, but all was sold per box, she won't be able to finish them, so she didn't end up buying. So, I gave her 1 of my prize. When my friend came to my place for dinner that night, he gave me 1 mooncake. Seems to me like it was to replace the one I gave away :)

Another thing was, yesterday in the car on our way home, my sister was looking for her mobile phone. She couldn't find it and asked me to ring it. It rang inside the car, really faint, muffled sound, but we clearly heard it, so we thought that it must have been in the bag and not to worry about it. However, later that night she tried to find it, she couldn't! She lost her phone!! We rang her mobile but we couldn't hear the ringtone! The phone was still on though. Unfortunately, the friend who hired the car was already sleeping so he couldn't check the car. I left him a message to check the car if he still could access it.

Then this morning he checked it out, however he couldn't find it. He checked the seat, the floor, tried ringing it, but couldn't find anything. I pretty much lost half of my hope. Unfortunately Sydney is not as great as Japan in terms of lost property, so if someone finds your phone, you pretty much have higher chance that you won't ever get it back. But saying that, I still return wallets that I found on the street or on the bus.

I tried locating the phone using Android's Device Manager, however my stupid sister couldn't even remember her gmail username and password!!!! Grrrrrrrr -_____-""" So while trying to crack her account, I sent an SMS to her phone hoping someone would reply. And they did!!!! I rang her phone and a girl answered it. She said she found it in the car last night and so she took it with her, coz she thought somebody else might take it if she left it in the car. She also said sorry that she didn't pick up the calls last night because she was already sleeping. How nice!!! I was SO SO SO SO relieved!! Really thank God for it :))

And you know what, last night's dinner was for my friend's birthday, which is today. And this morning he dropped his iPhone and had the glass cracked XD Oh man, so many things!

This afternoon, I was looking at the time on my PC and I just realised that today last year, my sisters and I were in Tokyo. Gosh!! How quickly time flies!!! I miss that time so much. Today last year we were eating and shopping in Sensouji, went to Shinjuku to see Tokyo view and met my friend for lunch. Eventhough towards the end of the day we were drenched at Harajuku, didn't get to see the cosplay and had to get back to the station straight after arriving at Harajuku because it was raining SO hard, it was the best time we ever had. So I wrote a little email to the ryokan owners we stayed at in Tokyo, just to say hello. Simply because I miss that time. To my surprise, they replied to me straight away with a really long email and are as warm and friendly as before :)

That's not all. This arvo water tap announced in our VIP group that Blondie had resigned. Blondie didn't give months of heads up just like what superexcited expects everyone to do and was very shitty about it and pretty much told Blondie to piss off. So the last day would be this Friday :(( I don't get it really, according to the colleagues, Blondie hasn't got much to do these past few weeks and has been pretty bored. Plus, si bawel always says that we don't have a lot of things to do, we're pretty much free and rah rah rah... so, isn't it good if someone leaves voluntarily? He won't have to pay for the next 3 months :/ Plus, Blondie is not exactly si bawel's preference anyway, so I don't really get what's the problem :/

After I left work tonight, Ms Green was looking for me on Whatsapp, asking if I already left. Sensing something is up, I sent multiple messages asking why. She then said, she wanted to tell me before they announce it tomorrow, she's officially resigned >>>>>>_______<<<<<< Her last day would be a month from now >>>>>>>>_______<<<<<<<< Everybody's leaving me TT_______________TT

See? What a hell of 2 days... I don't think I've had 2 days as full on as these 2 days.

Now, off to the Cotton Island!

Sleep tight :)

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