Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Woolworths' Ads Drive Me Crazy

The new 85 cents Woolworths' bread ad is DRIVING me INSANE!!! Imagine listening to a radio station, and everytime the song stops, that bloody catchy highpitched long ad plays, then few ads later, that ad is on again!!! It was played TWICE on EVERY single ad slot arghhhhhhh -____- I had headache by 12 o'clock -_-"

The radio station was Kiis.FM btw. This station has reputation of playing same song like a million times a day, so my colleagues are really against me putting this station on. So when yday Miss Green said to me, "you can change the radio station if you want..." I ran straight to change to Kiis.fm. but within 1.5 hours I so wanted to change it back -_-"

Lunch time I lodged a complaint to the radio station. I just needed to yell at someone for giving me headaches -_-! What surprised me was that I got a reply within 2 hours! I guess they do monitor the complain inbox hmm... I guess that's what people would do after experiencing some radio scandals, good job but. Anyhow, the guy apologized and said that it was not their intention to annoy the listeners, it's just that Woolworths had put a huge advertising campaign for yesterday only.

They must have put a lot of money to do that :l and I mean a HUGE amount of money, because by 4.30 I couldn't take it anymore and changed it back to the other station, and guess what? They played the bloody ad too!!! *banging my head on the wall* in exact same manner! Twice on EVERY ad slot *banging my head again* that's it, I plugged my earphones on and listen to my own mp3 -_-"'"

Moral of the story, business is really business. Woolworths aim is definitely to get people remembering their 85cent bread, doesn't matter what the method is, including brainwashing your head using radio ad being played a million times a day. I don't usually use millions, trillions etc.. but I damn sure it was played pretty close to that figure yesterday. Might try to get the exact number of it from Kiis guy. Well they succeeded, my head still hurts from that ads and that stupid annoying song keeps repeating inside my head ughhh -__- as for kiis.fm, what a wise decision. I wonder who made it. You guys successfully make me stay away from you, and hopefully not just me. I'm changing to smooth.fm, fingers crossed Woolworths didn't buy this one too -__-""

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