Thursday, August 28, 2014

No!! You CAN'T Take Them All to Lunch!!! *nangis meraung_raung*

Have you guys missed him already?? It's about time!

Superexcited strikes again. This time it's about lunch.

Do you still remember ante meridiem? I mentioned her once when I wrote about our company casts of The Big Bang Theory. Penny? Anyway long story short, she already left the company but all of us have become friends with her throughout the years. So.... That day she came to visit us and had lunch with us.

I don't know if I have mentioned it before, but our company does not allow all employees to take lunch together. There are 2 lunch time slots, either you have lunch at 12 or at 1. If you need to have different lunch time today, you have to swap with someone else to make sure you are covered.

That day she went on lunch with the 1 o'clock lunch team. But before that, she popped in and said hello to all of us. She looked happy and fresh and great. Honestly, everyone thought they should get out too to be happy lol. Then come 1 o'clock and they all went out for lunch. (I didn't go since I was told too late and couldn't arrange for lunch swap) . Straight after everyone left, you-know-who went to the receptionist and asked who went out with her. He also asked, if there was anyone from 12 o'clock who came along. Then from there, he went straight to Lao Er and started bitching in low voice @_@ Honestly I couldn't hear the whole thing, but from a lot of 'her' that he said, and looking at his hand gestures which kept pointing to reception, water tap and I came to the same conclusion, he was whinging about ante meridiem going out lunch with them -____-

To tell you the truth, I really can't see the wrong part of ante meridiem going out to lunch with those guys :l 1. She came on their lunch time. 2. She didn't take everyone with her, office wasn't left unattended. And 3 she didn't take them out for longer than their own lunch time :l tell me what I'm missing please, I really can't see it .____.

The funny part was, once he knew that one of staff who usually goes at 12 actually JOINED the lunch, he flipped and asked one of the colleagues to CALL that staff to come back ASAP and do something for him. -.- I'm speechless... Well if you're wondering, that colleague of mine just ignored the call and came back 10 minutes late lol XD

"He's such a baby...", said one of my colleagues XP

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