Saturday, August 23, 2014

Signs You Have Left Indo for Far Too Long

  1. You stepped right into pedestrian crossing without looking left and right first.
  2. You queue for toilet at the toilet entry way, NOT in front of the cubicle.
  3. You and your friends stand on one side of the escalator, not on both sides to let other people pass.
  4. You find it weird when people don't eat fish and vegie raw and eat their steaks well done.
  5. You flush your toilet paper.
  6. You can't squat in the toilet anymore.
  7. You hold the elevator door, restaurant door and other doors open for the next person.
  8. It's normal not to have rice with KFC
  9. You accept the fact that KFC doesn't provide chili sauce.
  10. You queue. And get annoyed being cut by everyone else.
  11. You go crazy when going to asian country coz everything is so cheap.
  12. You assume you can buy things using your credit card everywhere and assume buying movie ticket online is normal.
  13. You forgot that pickpockets exist and you should really zip your bag.
  14. Going to the beach means taking off your shoes, walk on the sand, jump into the water or at least dip your feet in it. Not just taking photos.
  15. Using umbrella when it's sunny is embarrassing to you, and you will give other people doing that a dirty look.
  16. You sometimes/always look for non-whitening skin care products as you know the chemical stuff in skin whitening products is really not good.
  17. You expect your change when shopping and get angry when you get your change in candy currency.
  18. You drink water straight from the tap.
  19. You dress for the occassion. i.e. wearing sneakers, pants and backpack when bushwalking, not dress with high heels.
  20. Asian food portion doesn't fill you up anymore.
  21. You don't comment about strangers' appearance as much as before.
  22. Seeing people kissing in public, or same gender couples date in public is not so special anymore.
  23. You can't cross the street by yourself anymore.
  24. You can't write formal letter in Indonesian anymore.
  25. You're suprised at how many staff Carrefour has in every single aisle.
  26. You wonder how come Carrefour needs 2-3 people at each register, 1 to scan and 2 to pack while you can do all those yourself when you work at a supermarket overseas. And quicker than them.
  27. You don't feel wrong going to shopping centre wearing shorts and thongs XD
  28. You expect water is given for free at restaurants and serviette is provided at food courts (serviette is really singaporean thing though).
  29. You question why we need to tip every single person dealing with you at the hair dresser. Haven't we paid at the cashier already???
There you are!! The signs that show people that you have lived overseas (Australia in my case) for a bit too long according to ME :P Of course everyone is different, but those are what I found. Let me know if there is anything else, I'm sure I missed something :)

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