Thursday, June 5, 2014

You can really bright up their day :)

Have you ever seen those people who give away brochures or free paper on the street? I was walking to the station to catch my train home this afternoon when I saw a bunch of people standing just at the entrance to the station. The crowd was bigger than what I usually see, I thought something happened. But apparently it was nothing. 2 women were chatting, and the rest were actually queueing to buy train ticket from the machine.

However, the one that caught my attention was this guy wearing red jumper handing out mX paper. MX paper is free paper distributed every afternoon on working days. This poor guy was standing at his usual spot, next to the ticket machines, however today he was completely surrounded by those people. The 2 women were chatting on his right, the queue was so long, completely circling him. He looked very uneasy and uncomfortable. He couldn't give his papers to people.

I'm not that nice of a person, but seeing that guy I really felt for him as I used to be in his situation. I used to hand out free magazines some mornings of the week back in my uni days. Still remember those quiet days or rainy days when people didn't want to take my magazines eventhough they were free. Or when I had to cover for sick people at the quiet spot. Everytime I smiled to a guy handing out the magazine and he shaked his head, I felt like oh.... :(( but when that someone smiled back and took my magazine, I would be so so so so happy. And relieved I guess? :) The longer it takes to hand out everything, the longer it is to my home time ;) You guys who have never done this sort of job don't know how 1 random person taking a magazine from me can make me smile for the following 15 minutes.

I went back and took his paper today, though I don't usually do. Though I had to ask one of the guys queueing to get 1 for me. So next time you see those people on the street, having no one taking their papers, just go and take one. You can really literally brighten their day :)

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