Friday, June 27, 2014

Super excited VS Hot Chips!

My special boss is in the mood lately. Seriously if he's a woman, I would think he is on his period or even maybe pregnant!! Honestly I've never seen this kind of behavior apart from pregnant women. He came to our area last week (kalo indo, kita bilang tergopoh-gopoh dateng :p), saying "What smell is THAT??? It's terrrrrrrible!!". No, it's not my durian lollies or snacks, it's.... HOT CHIPS!! -_- then he found out it was hot chips, and he said "It stinks! Don't you think?? I think we have to ban strong smelling food! What if client walks in and smell it?" Man... Seriously everyone in the office was looking like this @___@ everyone was thinking in their mind, hot chips smell AWESOME!! Wait till I bring real durians in, you can then define stink -_-

Tap water bought the chips for lunch, he didn't finish it and left them on the kitchen table. You might think it's in the office area, but nope, it's in the KITCHEN!! I can understand if we have our lunches at the desk, but no, we can't have lunches at our desk which btw, most companies allow staff to have lunch while working except ours. And no, no, not for our health and wellbeing sake, but for the sake of the desks, keyboards, and carpet.

He asked whose chips were those, and said to finish them or chuck them because THEY STINK!! So I went to the kitchen to check, and there were still quite a lot left. Slitherin came too, and had some. Then I called Little Missy, and together we ate them. They were still warm and tasty. Superexcited appeared in the kitchen, when he saw us eating, he said "Yes, finish them Little Missy, and once you're finished, make sure you chuck the box and bury it at the bottom of the bin. Okay???". Little Missy said "Yea...", I ignored him.

After that, of course our group bitched about it. And we found out that he's been complaining about Little Missy's homecooked food too, saying Little Missy always bring smelly lunch! But you know what, when superexcited pops in to kitchen, he NEVER says bad things about it. He ALWAYS says "Whose lunch is that?? Smells fantastic!! You always have great lunches!!". But behind you? It's completely different story.

Anyway, we were saying, knowing his character, he might actually ban food with strong odor. And guess what? We got an email yesterday from ante meridiem. However, after reading it, I was 99% sure it was written by the special guy ;) The email said that we're going to have important meeting tomorrow and next week, so please everyone refrain from bringing food with strong odor I.e. hot chips and curry -__- I understand if it's curry, eventhough I don't agree in banning it, it's everyone's right to eat the food that they usually eat. However HOT CHIPS?? Where in this earth do hot chips considered smelly?? Everyone apart from him loves the smell of it :/

Luckily today the whole office apart from the boss are going out for lunch -_-

Just some background information to consider:

1. Superexcited doesn't come to kitchen unless for coffee.

2. Our kitchen is an enclosed kitchen area, not open area. So whatever smell of food only lasts until door area.

3. You can't smell anything from the kitchen in the meeting room.

I think you get my point -.-

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