Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Today is Indonesian Presidential Election Day!!

This time's election is really interesting. A lot of people take it seriously. Most of them know exactly who they want to vote for and for what reason. Well it's not surprising, considering we have 2 exact opposite candidates.

To summarize is quickly, the first one is the bad guy with track record of human rights violations. Just like most thinga related to Indonesian politics, there's no solid proof that he was really involved, but he's the main suspect and USA even banned him into coming to USA.

The 2nd guy is the good guy. To the people who hate him, this guy is ugly looking village guy who doesn't have a president charisma. To those who hate him, they believe if he becomes president, he would be a disgrace to Indonesia in front the world. However, to his believers, he's the only hope to Indonesia. They believe only with him, Indonesia can move forward. He's the people person who doesn't mind to sit within commoners, doesn't care who's at the top and who's at the bottom and still serves anyone below him. To them, he's the only leader who actually does some work instead of just saying bullshits.

IMO, Indonesian are not nationalists. We don't usually care about voting for election. If it's convenient, we would vote. If it's troublesome, don't bother. That's the spirit usually. However, it's different this time. During the campaign, people actively shared articles both to make their choice looks good, and to smash the opponent, and they also bravely shared their own opinions (which of course got a lot of comments and sometimes caused them fighting on their facebook wall). I myself had to unfollow some friends due to them spamming my newsfeed.

Last Saturday was the time for us who live overseas to cast our vote. I personally haven't yet since I registered to cast my vote via post, but until today haven't received my paper. I called and texted the overseas election committee, they said I would get it this week, but what caught me was, they said they received 200 calls asking about it! I'm pretty sure handling election was an easy-peasy to them in the past, well not this time :)

But at the election places, wow man... The queue at Masonic Center Sydney was like queueing for the new iPhone @_@ my friend and his wife queued had to come back due to the line was so long, and even after they came back, they still had to queue for an hour to cast their vote. My auntie and cuz queued twice, and still didn't qualified, but they didn't mind coming back and queue again. A few of my friends casted their votes for the very first time this year, eventhough they were already eligible to do so since 12 years ago. Food vendors at Melbourne election area sold out all their food. And Hong Kong couldn't finish their election due to the high number of voters and the voters were very upset and disappointed for not being able to vote after hours and hours of queuing under scorching Hong Kong sun. They even suggested to move and continue the election at the embassy though it wasn't agreed by the committee who wanted to go home -_-

Indonesia is really making history this year. Thanks to those 2 candidates, a lot of people now want to have their votes counted and make sure the the other candidate doesn't become the President of Indonesia. I googled yesterday, and found all about Indonesian election at, britainnews, and so on.

Well today is the time for people living in Indonesia to cast their vote. Hopefully all goes well, and may the best candidate win. Our overseas votes only count towards 2% of the whole Indonesian citizens, but see how we have tried :)

 So help us God.

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