Friday, May 16, 2014

Training Got A Victim

I don't normally take request for what I write, but my most loyal reader kept asking me about this one, sooooo this time I'll make an exception ;p

Once upon a time our office had this one training. Not sure if I have mentioned it before, but most of the trainings were irrelevant to most of the departments in our company. BUT, we all have to attend. So you can imagine half of the people listening to it with either blank, sleepy or don't care face (pretty sure some people did fall asleep once in the training XD). But again, this company is really great in picking employees. Eventhough all of us hate it, we all still (I dont know how) put all the effort and can do the quiz well. Okay I'm going offtrack already :l

Anyway, this one training was special. Eventhough the other trainings were also irrelevant and we were forced to come, but this one had "optional" on the invitation for most departments (including my department of course yayyy). So imagine how happy we were seeing it.

On that fated day, I came on time for my office hours (There's no way I would come on training hours if I wasn't needed :P). When I came, the training apparently was held at my department, so I didn't get in. Later on my lovely colleague told me, there was a big scene happened there...

Now let me say it again. The training was optional, but the training was held on my department floor. So these optional guys didn't attend the training, but sit at their desks busily working. The trouble was, their desks were in the area of the running training.

Then suddenly, superexcited scolded one of our design department colleague. Let's name him Boldie. He said, "Are you attending the training or working? If you aren't attending the training, just GET OUT!!". Boldie then stood up and left the room. Slitherin and Little Missy actually were working too, and once superexcited said that, they straight away stopped typing and turned around to the screen lol but superexcited didn't notice them. Either that, or he just had this err thingy about Boldie. They didn't get along that well sometimes.

Apparently, superexcited didn't know about the whole optional thing for the training. And when he was told later by the management team, he insisted that the content was relevant to everyone and shouldn't be made optional. I'm pretty sure he would have made a fuss about how they didn't discuss it with him before making it optional. But, I'm glad I made the wise decision not to enter that training area :P

The next Monday Boldie was fired. I'm not sure if it's true, but there was this rumor that Boldie himself wanted to resign that day. However, when he got to officenya Si bawel (superexcited's office), before he managed to open his mouth, he was fired. He left by lunch time, and the scene they made show that both hated each other. Especially in regards to reference. When superexcited asked Boldie about needing reference, Boldie replied "I don't know. What are you going to say??". Which superexcited replied in the same harshness, "I don't know. I can write up something!". :l

Boldie left by lunchtime without saying good bye to most of us. And since then, even if the training says optional, all of us never trust it anymore, and get someone to clarify before getting too excited :P

PS: mecat si Boldie sih bener2 bloon ya buat si bawel, secara si botak uda kerja 6-7 taon. Di sini, kalo uda kerja lebih dr 5 taon, cuti panjang mulai diitung. And kalo kita dipecat, kantor musti bayar cuti yg uda mulai dikumpulin. Wkt Si bawel pecat, Si bawel kayanya ngga tau deh soal ini. Soalnya ga brp lama abis itu, Si botak nuntut duitnya lewat depnaker gt dehhh... abis dicek2, mrk bener musti bayar ;)

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