Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012!!!

Happy New Year everyone!! I wish us all the best year yet, followed by even better years after!!!! :)

Went to see fireworks last night @Barangaroo, they say that would be the last time they have it opened for fireworks, so that means I went there for the first and final year hehehe...

Anyway, I'll try to write more this year :) And hope I can take care of myself more this year, physically and mentally :)

Was cleaning up my drawer and I found that I've got lots of overheard yet to be posted, so here we go, they are all surely not from 2012 :P

Guy to Wedding planner girl: "So, any secret tips for someone contemplating marriage?"
Girl: "Elope. Save your money"

-Melina H

Girl: "Why don't they put solar panels on the sun? It's way more effective."

- Coxy

Boy: "There's so many trees around here. Way too much oxygen for my body to handle."

- Danny

Girl 1: "You're such a bossy boots."
Girl 2: "Whose boss is a boot?"

- Pussy

Girl: "Why is there so much press here?"
Receptionist: "Julia is here."
Girl: "Roberts?"
Receptionist: "No, Gillard."
Girl: "Oh, shame."

- Dissapointed

Girl in the change room: "It fits perfectly, but it's way too tight."

- One size fits all

Guy: "Which Italian discovered Cuba in 1492?"
Girl: "Oh, that was the same year Christopher Columbus discovered America."
Guy: "Yeah, and Cuba is right behind Mexico, so who discovered it?"
Girl: "I don't know."
Guy: "You just said his name."
Girl: "What, Christoper Columbus? I thought he was an American."
Guy: "I don't know you."

- Ben.

Girl: "They believe in God but, like, they still read Harry Potter."

- Bemused

Girl at crossing: "We're allowed to cross now, but the flashing red man means you're not allowed to walk slow."
- Cross purpose

Mother: "A real man has the guts to choose who he wants to be and stick to it. Do you know what 'has the guts' means?"
Daughter: "Abs?"


Girl: "How long can you stay in a one-hour carpark?"
- M

Girl 1: "Do you like potatoes?"
Girl 2: "What are potatoes?"

- Spud

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