Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Nominations War

Seems like I've never mentioned the nomination program our office has in place.

As a motivation business, our company has some programs in place to motivate and recognize employees who do great job. It is great of course, being recognized by our peer of the good job we have done and even maybe made as the team member of the week.

So, this is how it works. Every week, employees can submit nominations for their colleagues/bosses who they think have done great job, have done the extra miles, have helped them during the week, being a great mentor, or even for little things such as bringing their baking stuffs in to share with their colleagues. Then during our weekly meeting, those nominations would be read out one by one, people clap, and then team of the week as well as team member of the week would be selected. Their photos would be on company intranet that week.

For each nomination made and nomination received, points would be given. Also, if you are the team member of the week, you receive extra points too. These points would be accumulated and the person who has the most points within the month, gets a CD... to select :) I said select, because it's not for that winner to take home. It's to add to the company's CD collection :) you can take it home for a day or two to copy it :) oh, but you can select ANY CD you want, if Superexcited likes your choice or that the CD is appropriate to be played in the office, I.e. no techno stuffs. It's good that Britney spears actually made into the list. I think... :)

Anywayyyyyy unfortunately eventhough being recognized is great and stuffs, everyone in my department is generally busy. Second, we are not the bullshit type of people who write long and funny nominations for people. And third, we can't play the CD in our area anyway, there's no CD player. Fourth, can you imagine making nominations every week? After a while it becomes so redundant. And back to the 2nd point, we just feel it's not worthy of a nomination anymore. As the results, my department hardly nominates.

Until 3 weeks ago when you know who made a comment to our manager about the fact that I've only made 3 nominations this year, and Little Missy only made 2 (and 1 of them was actually a nomination I made for another colleague but I put me, Little Missy and James Bond as the nominators!!). When our manager said that, Tap Water and me kinda got into heated argument as both of us feel that we are underappreciated by the other department.

The thing with these nominations, you can nominate a person, and you can also nominate a team. What tap water and I notice, the other department most of the time nominate IT in a team, I.e. the whole project team which includes IT and the other departments. However, they can nominate their department colleague individually too. But hardly with IT. After I realized that, I feel ripped off to nominate the other department that often. I do still nominate, but I think before I nominate.

Finally the manager said he didn't ask us to nominate other department. Just nominate within us. The other department nominates their colleagues right? So we can also nominate ourselves. It's a bit hard really, since even though we are in the same department, we usually deal with the other department more. So then, from then on we nominate our team mates every week.

So every Thursday, Little Missy and me remind everyone in our department to nominate and even giving suggestions on how to nominate for the others. As the results, last week for example, half or even more than half of the whole nominations were made by us lol. And now Little Missy is number 1 in the leader board, me number 2 and Barbie Girl on 3rd.

So funny really, I wonder what Superexcited thinks. Is he happy that his comment was noted? Does he realise that we do this just for fun and just to take revenge against the other department? I wonder...

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