Saturday, April 18, 2015

Last Night in Kogarah

Just wanna do a final post while I'm still living in Kogarah. My eyes are only on 0.5 watt at the moment. It's 1:14 am and we will be moving to our new house in less than 12 hours XD

Packing is 99% done. What's left is packing our TV, microwave, mattresses, washing machine and some left over things. It's not bad really, considering everytime I help my bestie moves, I always have to stay awake until 3-4 in the morning. Sleep, then wake up at 8.30 and packing again :P

I hope I will be happy in our new place. It is a bit far from the station, and with limited bus, we will be forced to go home earlier every night or at least reduce the late night outs (not that we have that many anyway lol). But, I'm growing old, so I guess sleeping early is not a bad idea :P

Kogarah is nice. I feel a bit sad leaving this place. I love the environment, I love the library that has really great collection, services, and great building too, I love the area, I love Aldi that's close and making me buy quite few items when their catalogue is out :P damn I couldn't get that French dresser -_- (if anyone willing to deliver one for me, I will be forever grateful :)).

The only thing that makes me can't wait to leave is how I have to worry everytime I open my window due to smoker neighbours blowing toxic smoke to my room and the noisy and partying neighbours. Seriously, if you leave in an apartment, behave man! People nowadays are getting more and more selfish and rude -_- but now lets focus on the good ones of Kogarah :)

I will definitely miss the restaurants around here. There are plenty good Thai restaurant, and my favourite Italian restaurant, Amici di Kogarah :) I took my cousins, my aunties/uncle, and my 2nd nephew there when they were visiting and they all love it! Their pasta is really good. Will definitely miss them :'(

Anyway, time for me to sleep. 1:27 now. I have to wake up early to drop my stuffs to charity, then tidy up the place for the open inspection and then packing again.

Hope tomorrow doesn't rain too hard, hope my friends come earlier, hope my stuffs fit in the truck, hope the removalist get a parking in front of the building, and hope the moving doesnt take too long :)

Wish me luck, will you?? :)

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