Monday, April 13, 2015


Finally! Things finally fall into places. The last month has been a very difficult, stressful and frustrating for us. I had been chasing solicitors, emailing, making phonecalls, having my hopes up, arranging removalists, giving 3 weeks notice, worrying, getting my hopes down, cancelling removalists, extending rent, and ETC.

Man! It was exhausting. People saw me and said, "Are you okay? You look tired." Indeed I was tired. I saw my complexion in the mirror and my skin was not glowing huaaaaaa >>>>>_____<<<<< the good thing is I didn't get pimples *phew... I really need to take care of my skin after this!

From the first paragraph, you might have already known what I'm talking about. As I mentioned in one of the previous posts, we bought a house. We signed the contract on 7 Jan. By NSW standard, we should settle within 42 days, which fall on 18 Feb 2015. The house was not registered yet, therefore the owners needed to register it before we could settle which they said would take 2-3 weeks. So we still could settle on time according to them. But well, as you see, it didn't happen. And thanks to my stupid solicitor, who deserves to get an honorable full post, the whole ordeal was frustrating and instead they made it even more harder for me (and us. But still since I solely the main contact, it was VERY frustrating for me). However thank God, it finally settled last Thu.

It is a nice feeling really. People congratulating us. Especially the ones who know what a struggle it has been. My colleagues and boss asks me if I am excited, and I always reply, "I think I am more relieved than excited. I'm just glad everything is done and over with." My friends have been helpful too, giving me information etc. Though I have to admit, during that period, I really hated when they said I have to chase the solicitor and tell them to do this and that. Because I knew I would have just wasted my energy, they simply don't care. But luckily I have them all. Nagging a little bit here, a little bit there does help lol

Now, what's left is the moving! (and some tidy little bits like disconnecting and reconnecting gas and electricity, buy new locks, pest bombing the house, contacting the council for bins, and finish packing. Now that I list them out, there are still a lot, aren't they? :/ ) We will move out this Saturday. I hope it doesn't rain *fingers crossed* I got a couple of friends who are going to help too, really appreciate it. It will definitely be way easier and more fun with them around :)

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