Saturday, January 24, 2015

Where is my rental agent?????????????????

I really didn't plan to have a bunch of complaints to be my very first post in 2015. However, I am itching to write, so mei ban fa lor....

Let's begin with my stupid real estate agent. Well as you might have already read long time ago about the stupidity of my agent, they are pretty stupid. Or maybe not stupid, just careless and doesn't do their job right. Tuesday last week, I sent an email to my agent, which by the way is already changed from the one I talked about in I had a bad day, telling him that my shower room handle is broken and if he could fix or send replacement, that would be great. Until Saturday I didn't get any response. So I sent another email to him on Sunday, asking for acknowledgement that he'd received the email. I received NOTHING until Wednesday.

So, that Wednesday I sent another email to the agent's general email address instead of my agent's work email address. I expressed my concern that nobody has responded to me and if that agent still works for them and manages my unit. No reply again. Thursday I was so pissed off at being ignored so I decided to give them a ring on my lunch break. After 2 rings, I was put straight to voicemail DAMN! I didn't leave a message that time, but later that afternoon I became so curious so I called them again. And again I was redirected to Voice Mail after 2 rings, I left a message then. Nobody called me back on Friday, and I rang them again and was put straight to Voice Mail after 5 rings. Strange how the number of rings differs eh?

Seriously I don't know what they are doing. Nobody in the office? No one's checking email? Are they still on holiday??? It's already at the end of January for god's sake :/ They also didn't send me a letter telling me their Xmas breaks last December :/ Even with a scatterbrain that my previous agent had, she still managed to send me Xmas breaks announcement letter for 2 years in a row without fail :/ I thought we would have someone better after her, but maybe not really :/

I really don't know how to contact them :/ I even googled Gainsworth Property to find any other contact details. I've tried the info@ email address and also the phone number from that site. Even if they're trying to avoid me, surely they should pick up their phone for potential clients right?

If you know other way to contact them, please let me know.

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