Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Easy Resignations

Lately I don't have much appetite to write something, which is a shame because I like writing. But there's no topic I'm so passionate to write about. Superexcited is still playing up, but I don't really care about him anymore much, so it doesn't give me that much kick to write. But this post is still about him haha!

2 people have resigned from my company. Last Friday was Dudul's last day, THANK GOD! I admit I am not a nice person and doesn't like a lot of people, Dudul so far is 1 out of 3 people I truly hate for all my years in this company. I can't really rank if dudul was the most annoying one, but dudul was certainly the dumbest/rockheaded one IMO. But even then, I still put money in to buy dudul's farewell gift and also still showed up to the farewell lunch. I sat at the other end of the table though haha! Even on dudul's last week there, he still managed to get scolded by me *sigh

After all those stories about resignation in our company, you probably are eager to listen and are prepared for an awesome story. But, tell you what, this resignation was pretty easy. Last year the Spice Girls actually laughed about dudul's resignation plan. Dudul said dudul wanted to quit in January this year, and would hand in the resignation in Jan and go for holiday for a month, so it's 2 months notice but 1 month is actually dudul's holiday. We laughed back then and thought you-know-who won't ever let dudul go easily. But fast forward to now, dudul gave his resignation 2 weeks before the planned holiday, giving 2 months notice, but the last day was actually a day before dudul's holiday started! So dudul really only gave 2 weeks notice! I can't believe his luck!

It was easy, but dudul did get a scolding from you-know-who too. Superexcited said dudul wasn't professional by just giving out resignation letter. In superexcited's opinion, professional means by the time dudul had the idea or thought of leaving the company, Dudul should have come to superexcited and discussed.... Really? Dudul wasn't going to marry your daughter mannnnnnn! Dudul was resigning! What dudul did was professional, what superexcited wanted was not professional, that's family thingy! Weird -_- of course I told my friends this story and as usual they all had a speechless and flabbergasted look on them @__@

The other one who resigned was Winnie the Pooh. That one was real easy. Pooh actually got a new job, but because Pooh was so scared of telling superexcited for a reason all of us here know about, Pooh said to him it's due to personal reasons. Superexcited asked her point blank, "Did you get a new job? ". Pooh didn't give away anything, whatever superexcited asked, Pooh said, "Sorry, personal reasons". As the results, superexcited couldn't get anything out. I kinda had a feeling he didn't dare to press on, maybe he's worried that someone is dying or something. He had some family issues, too, few months back, so maybe? Either way, it's good for Pooh 🐻

Pooh gave 1 month notice, but since Pooh had 2 weeks leave not used yet, Pooh really only gave 2 weeks notice. I am still speechless to this day, how could it be that easy @_@ but I'm happy for Pooh. I'm just sad coz I won't have anyone who actually stands up to superexcited instead of just saying yes to everything he says :(

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