Friday, December 31, 2021

2021 Went Just Like That, Hope 2022 is More Memorable


I'm sleepy already now, so maybe I won't write much. 

2021 went away just like that. I hardly remember what happened this year =/
It feels like I didn't achieve anything this year. Half of the year was spent at home, working from home since Jun 26 until first week of December. I started going out in November, but that was only once or twice. I was lucky to have been able to celebrate my birthday freely, like Covid was gone already. Then I came back to work on the 2nd week of December but then off for 5 days break. Today, NSW had 21,000 new covid we are way faster to reach 25k target in Feb lol. We might even reach it tomorrow.

My game friend asked me today, how long have I been back to the office? 2 weeks? I said, more, but upon checking my calendar, I realised it was only for 11 working days lol he's.. right again.

This year made me an even more hermit. Socialising with people sounds like hard work and effort to me now. And now I don't feel like going bushwalking anymore. And some of my closest friends, well just say I don't feel that comfortable around them anymore. What a shame. Maybe I'm breaking down.

I still play that mobile game, and with the same friends. Back in July, the guild leader poofed just like that. So another guildie assumed the leader position and i still acted as the deputy...but with more work. Finally on Xmas eve we relinquished our positions and moved to another guild, to enjoy our retirement. I was tired already, and my game husband was annoyed already by the guildies too, so he pushed the move, which was good. If it's up to me, I might just be a frog that's being boiled to death and it will be too late to jump out of the pot. But in terms of the friends I've been playing with, it's been fun. Of course sometimes I can feel underappreciated or lonely, but in general it's been fun. I got close to another one too, whom I really enjoy chatting with. 

Last week, we started looking after my sister's work mate's Guinea pig, he's called sugar. Surprisingly we are not that bad in taking care of him (I think). Eventhough today I cut his toenail too deep and it bled UwU sorry Sugar....

My birthday this year was pretty good. Some close friends sent me gifts and they made me feel special. Some pranked me, but well... If I wasnt in their mind, they wouldn't bother to, right? And the people dear to me remembered and wished me happy birthday. So, for them, I'm grateful =) 

I hope next year I won't be like sloth like this year. Would be nice to be out again and moving more and be happier. It just feels like a very lethargic year for me this year.

Is this just another wishful thinking? As I sometimes say, God probably has forgotten about me. It's been years since he listened to my prayers. 

But well... I'm still living hao hao de ma? So, for that, I'm still grateful.

Good bye 2021. Please tell 2022 to be wayyyyy more cooler than you.

Happy New Year 2022 everybody! 

Purple Lady. 

Thursday, September 2, 2021

Like a Drama

Hey there,

I think I jinxed it lol

2 weeks after that previous post, Sydney went into lockdown hahahaha... And coincidentally, it started heading towards it after I called in sick for work. Last year's lockdown was also like that lol

So here I am, on my 10th week working from home. Maybe I'm mouldy already lol

Yesterday I was chatting with a game friend about Mystic Pop Up Bar. I recommended it to her, and she tried watching it, liked it and finished it quickly. She said she likes that kind of stories, slice of life and warms the heart. And she likes that it has a good ending. 

 It is my kind of story too. It shows that there are other sides to stories, that maybe everyone isn't as bad as we thought they are. However, too bad it's only a story. A lot of people in that story received help from the main lead, be it to avenge, to get back what they supposed to get, to find things they lost, or anything really... But in real life, we don't have anyone to help us do all those... all you have, is yourself... Everyone else can only pity you, support you or just looking for gossips without doing anything for you... and there's no guarantee of a happy end...

Sometimes I wished life was like in dramas.

Sunday, June 13, 2021



I'm on the train back to Sydney after spending the day in Kiama today. It was such a good day. The sky is blue, the weather was nice, a bit too warm for me actually, since I was wearing extra warm heatech and had coat on hahaha...

Anyway, I just read an article about a letter a pilot left at the tray table at his last flight before covid as a time capsule. That day he flew the plane to desert to park it for 14 days. Who knew it was gonna be 459 days before the letter was found.

It got me thinking, and my friends and I actually talked about this today as we were having fish and chips on the grass under the tree. We have been very lucky to be living in Australia. My friend said that when her game buddies from overseas talk about how it is in their countries, only then she realised that we are still in pandemic. We are very lucky that sometimes I feel guilty for it. When we have spikes of cases of 10 a day, some areas were locked down for a week. I wanted to share it to my friends who were living in Asia, but when I started typing, they said their numbers are up again, thousands a day. I started hitting backspace. Malaysia took 7.5k new cases a day before they had another lock down, while Melbourne only needed 10+ 

We only had 3 months of full lock down. After that, though restricted, we still could enjoy the outdoors, went for bushwalk, did coastal walk, mushroom foraging, shopping, movies, and so on. We can still enjoy all those. And when we get symptoms of cold, we can go straight to get covid tested without thinking about the costs. We are indeed, lucky.

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

When Your Colleague's Wife Unknowingly Knows You

Seems like my colleague's wife knows me well even without us actually knowing each other... 

Yesterday, a colleague of mine said to me, "Ah, you missed it last night!". I was like, what?? What did i miss?

Apparently, his wife said something while she was about to go out, he didn't quite catch what she was saying, he only caught a name. And since she was taking their youngest, he thought oh, you're going to get ice cream.

When she came back, she said, "I didnt stop by Abla's. The baby was sleeping, I didn't wanna wake her up". Then, my colleague just got it. His wife told him before she left, that she was gonna stop by Abla's to buy me baklava!

His wife and I are not friends lol we even only met once and it was just really brief. But I've heard a lot of stories about her from my colleague, and I guess he must have mentioned me quite often for her to remember me.

This wasn't the first time it happened. Last time, when Woolworths had Ooshies promotion, she also went and asked the staff if they still had stocks of the case. She said to her husband, "I'm going to ask the front desk if they still have the case. Your colleague hasn't got one right?".

Even my colleague was really surprised to hear she wanted to get me baklava 2 days ago lol 

But... I was happy :) To know that there's someone out there, not my friend, not exactly knowing me, but still could think of me.